Streamline your agent recruiting strategy.

Struggling to recruit agents to your team? Build your team faster with CRMgrow. Our platform provides agents with the ultimate system for recruiting success.

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Video and PDF
content tracking

Never be left wondering if your recruiting materials were seen by your prospect.

You texted a video. Was it viewed? You emailed the PDF. Was it read? With CRMgrow, you’ll never ask these questions again. Our powerful video and PDF tracking capabilities will let you know if your prospects saw the content you sent - and exactly how much of it they viewed or read, giving you the intel you need to follow-up with an effective email or phone call.

Built for agents,
not computer scientists

Not tech-savvy? No problem. If you can use email, you can use CRMgrow.

Why waste time navigating through complex interfaces and useless data you don’t need and will never use? At CRMgrow our goal is to make your user experience as easy and efficient as possible. That is why we’ve designed our platform with a clean and modern aesthetic that provides only the most important features and information you’ll need to build your team.

activity tracking

Manage your recruiting efforts without ever losing track your prospects.

Recruiting agents is hard, but our tracking capabilities make it way easier. At a single glance of your CRMgrow dashboard, you’ll know exactly where you’re at with your recruiting efforts for any given prospect. Prospect activity tracking? Check. Follow-up reminders? Check. Video and PDF screen-tracking? Yeah, we have that too.

CRMgrow is your recruiting-made-easy agent attraction platform
No more notepad, spreadsheets, wondering if they'are reviewed your information, or memorization needed

Video and PDF tracking and reporting

Built for agents, not computer scientists.

Real time activity tracking.

Realtors around the world are scaling their real estate teams with CRMgrow

Try CRMgrow today, and you’ll receive:
  • Our full, easy-to-use CRM
  • Video (and PDF) screen tracking
  • User activity tracking
  • Email integration
  • Advanced search filtering
  • Assign labels, tags, and recruiting stage
  • Recruiting materials, including our FREE seven-minute, professionally produced agent attraction video, proven to produce results
  • Max of 3,000 Contacts

Test is out for free!

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Frequently Asked Questions
This software was built with exactly this in mind, it is incredibly easy to use. Seriously anyone can figure out how to use this platform and don’t worry we will help you when needed.
Any system or tool on the planet requires regular effort to ensure the effectiveness of its success. Our family of agents block time regularly on their calendar to do their follow ups, calls, and most importantly send out the agent attraction marketing videos and presentations. Even if you commit to giving it a few hours per week, you WILL see results.

First build a relationship with a prospective real estate agent recruit. Ask questions about their business, what are their personal and professional goals, what’s missing from their business, etc… The answers to these questions will help you identify pain points that you can tie back to your value proposition. Then ask a straight forward question something like this;

"It’s been great getting to know you, and I’m impressed with your business. Would you give me your feedback if I shared a high level overview video of our brokerage model?"

This is a two-part platform. First, it is the easiest and fastest to use CRM on the planet and second, it has real time screen tracking of when your prospects are reviewing the videos or pdfs that you send them. There is not a single CRM that offers this functionality.

We believe so strongly in our platform, that we do not do any kind of contacts and or commitments. So, you can cancel at any time.

Our platform is stored and manage by the best data centers in the world, Amazon Web Services and has industry leading encryption to protect your data. You also own all of your data, so you can extract it at any time.

We do not, we have developed this platform without cutting a single corner. Therefore, it will only take you a few minutes to get signed up ad load your contacts.

We have several full-time staff members to help you with any questioins that you have. but you'll be pleasantly surprised how easy to use this software is.

This is the #1 feature of CRMgrow, there is recruiting videos and pdf presentations that you will be able to send to your prospects from within our platform. Once the contact clicks on the content link, our system will track how much of the video/pdf they watched.

But don't listen to us. Our customers say it best!
Read our customer reviews from agents who swear by CRMgrow
Pat Hays

San Antonio, TX

I needed some sort of crm system for recruiting and couldn't find anything. CRMgrow was an easier choice due to how easy it is to use and the video screen tracking capabilities.

Todd Plugge

Chicago, IL

The last CRM I used was 4 times the amount of money and didn't even have video tracking ability. Switching to CRMgrow has completely transformed my agent attraction efforts.

Katie Hewes

Chicago, IL

CRMgrow is the agent attraction tool we've all literally been waiting for. It's beyond easy to use and gives me the insight I need to follow up with my agent prospects on time.